Project Description

Sonepar Germany

Plant of Construction

Date Center


Year of construction 2017

All offices are supplied with heat through concrete core activation:

  • Groundwater heat pump
  • Heating capacity: 40 kW

Addition: Cascade connection (Figure No. 9) of 5 air-to-air heat pumps with 115 kW capacity and PAC-IF013 interface for integration into the ventilation system.

Indoor units located in the heating room in the basement: Thanks to Zubadan technology, the heat pumps achieve 100% heating capacity even at -15°C and continue to function at full capacity even down to -28°C. Two water-cooled compression refrigeration machines, each with a capacity of 100 kW, handle the air conditioning for the 800 servers on a 400-square-meter area. For safety reasons, the system is redundantly designed and forms a mutually backup system with a 150 kW chiller from the in-house printing facility.

  • Rack coolers between the servers
  • Seminar rooms are supplied with fresh air through 8 Lossnay ventilation units.
  • Energy-saving LED technology